“Are You Ready to Fight?”

What does "fighting" your political opponents mean?

Alida’s Unraveling

REFLECTIONS ON OUR MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM By John Bell  “I’ll throw your baby out the window!”  This is what Alida said about our new born when I invited her to come stay with us in the midst of her first of many psychotic breaks.  Fortunately, my wife Dorothy was more level-headed and said “Absolutely not!  … Continue reading Alida’s Unraveling

Mafia Hit Man Transforms

by John Bell For years in the 1970s I taught ongoing peer counseling classes in my home in Harlem. A woman we will call Ellen (the names of the two characters have been changed to honor confidentiality and safety.) had been in one of these classes for about a year. The class was a multi-racial … Continue reading Mafia Hit Man Transforms