Envisioning the Beloved Community

By John Bell, 2022 The Beloved Community is a notion often associated with Martin Luther King, Jr. He put a strong public spotlight on an idea that has been held deep in the hearts of humans for millennia. People everywhere have had the yearning to live in a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.  Indigenous people, … Continue reading Envisioning the Beloved Community

A New Year’s Bouquet of Songs

Dear friends,  These darker days of winter are mirrored in some dark days for our country, the Earth, and it's awesome array of beings.  In Buddhism, there is a teaching that says the ten thousand joys and the ten thousand sorrows exist side by side, and we are asked to embrace it all.  For me, you … Continue reading A New Year’s Bouquet of Songs

We Have a Relationship Problem with the Earth

By John Bell Recently I was asked to be the opening speaker for a six part course called "Climate Justice" for my local Unitarian Universalist community.  The course is focused on climate science and how local, state, federal, and global efforts are addressing the ecological crisis. However, I was asked to put these external, technological, … Continue reading We Have a Relationship Problem with the Earth

Developing a Mindful Approach to Earth Justice Work

Dear friends, https://www.kosmosjournal.org/kj_article/developing-a-mindful-approach-to-earth-justice-work/ For the past couple of years, I have been involved with a group of mindfulness practitioners concerned with the intersection of climate change and racial and social justice, often called Earth Justice. I just published an article in Kosmos Journal for Global Transformation which describes a six-part holistic framework that our group … Continue reading Developing a Mindful Approach to Earth Justice Work