Our Beloved Earth

Articles by John Bell on caring for the earth and all beings

Developing A Mindful Approach to Earth Justice Work

Climate Crisis as a Door for Collective Awakening

The Story We Tell Ourselves About Climate Change Makes a Difference

The Benefits of Accepting the Possibility of Environmental Collapse and Human Extinction

Overcoming Despair About the Climate Crisis

Climate Change: Two Perspective, One Path

An Integrated Approach to Responding to the Climate Emergency

Articles and Resources by Others

Buddhist Diagnosis of Climate Change by Bhikku Bodhi. Succinct 3 page summary of climate suffering through the lens of the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths. Holistic and deep.

Simple Practical Steps for Address Climate Change Bhikkhu Bodhi’s companion piece to the Buddhist Diagnosis of Climate Change

Deep Adaptation a long essay by Prof Jem Bendell review climate change research pointing towards societal collapse, environmental catastrophe. and possible human extinction. Provocative, thoughtful, impactful.

“How To Survive the End of the World.”  Beautiful Sermon, by UU Minister Molly Gordon

“Bye!” from the Animal Kingdom. Heartbreaking satire from The Onion after UN report on extinction, May 2019